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New office Building Tecnotion

Due to the growth we are experiencing, the current building in the Netherlands has become too small. Luckily there was a possibility of expanding the office with 2.000 square meters next to the current building. The new building will be connected to the main office by a roofed bridge. As the main building is equipped with a cleanroom, the new building will also get such a shielded production room. The opening will take place in October.

The Linear Motor Company

Tecnotion is the global authority on linear motor technology. We are the world's only unbundled manufacturer of linear motors. A former part of Philips, we specialize solely in the development and production of linear motors. Because of this, our expertise, customer service and product quality are unmatched.

Linear motors can be used in a wide range of production processes and are especially useful for the semiconductor, electronics, lcd, automotive and robotics industries, as well as providing solutions for printing and cutting various materials with pinpoint accuracy.

We have a global presence, with production plants in The Netherlands and China and local representation around the world. This ensures short delivery times and high quality support, wherever you are located.

When you do business with Tecnotion, you will have a team of highly skilled sales and application engineers at your disposal. They will help you from your initial prototype all the way to the application of our products and beyond.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on Tecnotion as a solid, reliable partner.


New: Torque QTR Motor Series

Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

Our torque motors are extremely compact, provide an extremely stiff drive train, eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures, are virtually maintenance free and can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. To top things off the entire series comes with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.

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High performance in a small package

TL seriesLinear motors as drive solutions have found their way in to various industries over the past decades. Their performance is also reckognized for drive solutions where space is limited. Tecnotions TM3 and UC3 linear motors are the motors to choose when extreem compact build size is required.

The TM3 linear motor is the smallest in Tecnotions iron core linear motor range. It’s coil has a length of only 93mm and weighs in at 600grams. Despite this small size it can deliver a continuous force of 60N.



Expansion of the motor family

Almelo, Netherlands, November 2015 - The rare earths present in the permanent magnets of linear motors are a cost-intensive factor. Against this background, the linear motor specialist Tecnotion expands its product portfolio with a new iron core motor.

The TM18 is the fourth in the TM series, producing the same force as motors containing larger, more expensive magnets. With the addition of the TM18 even applications which require the force from larger motor series, are now covered by this new motor. These applications no longer need wider and therefore more expensive magnetplates.

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Download manuals, CAD files and our proprietary simulation tool
Download manuals, CAD files and our proprietary simulation tool.


Latest news

Tecnotion takes linear motion into vacuum by making it completely vacuum compatible!... Read more

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