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Horizontal Panel Beam Saw

Horizontal Panel Beam Saw



Horizontal panel beam saws are used in the woodworking industry to cut large sheets, strips, or panels of wood or wood-based materials, such as oriented strand board (OSB), into various sizes. The cuts are made by a circular saw mounted on a traveling carriage, which is normally driven by a brushless motor matched to either a belt drive or rack and pinion system.

Innovative machine builders, however, have switched to direct-drive systems, particularly iron core linear motors, for the movement of the carriage. A linear motor drive enables the carriage to achieve speeds and accelerations that are unthinkable with traditional systems, especially given the high mass of the saw.

The use of an iron core linear motor enables the carriage to reach speeds of 250 m/min with accelerations of 7 m/s2. With these performance capabilities, machine throughput can be increased considerably – up to double the number of cuts per minute.

In addition to higher dynamic performance, a low-cogging iron core linear motor provides very smooth motion of the carriage and saw, avoiding harmful vibrations that would degrade the quality of the cut.

Additional benefits provided by the linear motor are lower noise, higher efficiency, elimination of maintenance, no dynamic performance decay over time, and unlimited cutting lengths.

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