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Whitepaper - Calculating the moment of inertia

A challenging mechanical parameter in torque motor sizing

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The most difficult mechanical parameter in torque motor sizing tends to be the moment of inertia. It is the rotative equivalent of moving mass. Its value is determined by the value of the moving mass and the distance of the mass to the axis of rotation. Calculating the moment of inertia correctly can even be difficult with a straightforward system. 


The moment of inertia indicates how much resistance a certain moving body has against a change in its angular velocity. This is comparable to a linear movement, in which the moving mass is acting as resistance against linear acceleration. So a higher moment of inertia means that more torque needs to be applied in order to perform the same angular acceleration. This dependence is caught in the well-known formula:


It is often necessary to estimate the moment of inertia of the application or have software to perform the necessary calculations. 
This whitepaper gives insight into this physical quantity.


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