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What is a vacuum motor?

What is a vacuum motor?

A growing amount of high tech applications require vacuum solutions to minimize the chance of unwanted chemical reactions or pollution of the process or surrounding equipment. Motion is one of the main challenges within a vacuum environment. Serviceability, reliability, versatility and outgassing are critical factors in a vacuum application and failure of one of them could mean long downtimes.


Total cost of ownership should be considered over the initial investment. Maintenance costs of motion systems in vacuum are potentially high. Linear vacuum rated motors have no moving parts and are frictionless making the motors maintenance free. Additionally Tecnotion’s linear motors can be placed into vacuum as a whole and therefore do not require a feed trough saving costs. High outgassing of the motion system can influence the production process. Tecnotion´s vacuum rated ironless linear motor is a dedicated and specially designed coil unit and magnet yoke for use in high vacuum, down to 10-8 , and the lowest achievable outgassing for a series product.

For more info and specifications, please check our Vacuum motor product page.

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