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Why choose a Ironless motor?

Why choose a Ironless motor?

The absence of iron in the coil unit provides several advantages over Iron Core linear motors. First, when an ironless linear motor is integrated into a linear motor system, the supporting bearings do not have to withstand attractive forces between the primary and secondary parts. The relatively low forces on the bearings result in a much longer bearing life.

Second, the absence of attractive forces makes ironless linear motors easier and safer to assemble. The ironless design also eliminates cogging, a condition that is found in Iron Core linear motors due to the coil’s attraction to the magnet track. Without this cogging effect, ironless linear motors provide much smoother motion than Iron Core motors.

Ironless linear motors can achieve very fast movements and fast settling times due to the low inductance (ability to store energy) of the coils. This makes them a good choice for highly dynamic applications.

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