Why choose for a Torque motor?

Why choose for a Torque motor?

Due to the extensive motor design knowledge within Tecnotion, the QTR Torque series are ahead in development. Compared to other torque motors, the QTR series offers a superior torque density and stands out with its small size and weight. The QTR has a low build height and larger inner diameter while offering the same or higher torque specifications compared to other torque motors.

The low motor mass provides the opportunity to improve entire stage designs. Offering great opportunities to lower total cost of ownership in an application. Tecnotion’s extensive experience in coil design also reflects in the QTR thermal resistance characteristics. The QTR series offers enhanced thermal management compared to competitors. This can contribute, for instance, to motor reliability. Finally, the QTR series also has a low cogging value like Tecnotion’s iron core motor series, offering a smooth running characteristic and excellent position accuracy. 

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