Why choose for ironless vacuum?

Why choose for ironless vacuum?

A direct sibling of our ironless U-series, these vacuum rated ironless motors feature specifically designed coil units and magnet yokes for use in high vacuum, down to 10-8 mBar.

Apart from the features carried over from our regular ironless motors: light weight and ultra-precision, this series is also capable of incredibly smooth motion and achieves the lowest amount of outgassing possible for a series product of this type.


The importance of low outgassing can be so crucial for certain applications, that we had this thoroughly tested and can even supply you with exact specifications and performance details, should you so desire.

Thermal management is one of the main challenges inside a vacuum, so we've designed the coil units in such a way as to achieve an extremely low thermal resistance; easily and quickly conducting heat away from the unit. Integrated temperature and cut-off sensors guarantee thermal protection at all times.

Key industries that can benefit from these motors are, for instance:

  • Semiconductor
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Inspection stages
  • Lithography
  • E-beam / ion beam applications

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