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New Headquarters for Tecnotion GmbH: Servus München!

New Headquarters for Tecnotion GmbH: 
Servus München!

Almelo, The Netherlands and Munich, Germany – Being close to customers has always been an integral part of its business for Tecnotion. Therefore the company is particularly pleased that the Tecnotion GmbH has found its seat in Munich.

From the Bavarian Capital the business activities of Tecnotion GmbH are supervised in Germany. “Untill now it was never a problem for our German customers to contact Headquartes in The Netherlands, especially since most of our staff speak German,” said Bob Jonker, CEO of Tecnotion. “We, however had the opinion that it was time to be in Germany on the spot, in order to support our customers even better.”

Jürgen Tottleben, Vice President of Tecnotion GmbH, adds: “In addition to maintaining our existing business, we will strive to make the benefits of our inear motors well known in whole of Germany. Therefore as of February 2014, two sales staff members for Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia will be added to support our colleages in the Munich office very actively.”

The office of Tecnotion GmbH is next to the Korean office the second own country representation of Tecnotion. The Munich office is located in Elsenheimerstraße 59 and can be reached at +49 89 381537 400 or at the email adress info@tecnotion.de.


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