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Small Linear motors

High performance in a small package: 
Tecnotions TM3 and UC3 linear motors!

Linear motors as drive solutions have found their way in to various industries over the past decades. Their performance is also recognized for drive solutions where space is limited. Tecnotions TM3 and UC3 linear motors are the motors to choose when extreme compact build size is required.

The TM3 linear motor is the smallest in Tecnotions iron core linear motor range. It’s coil has a length of only 93mm and weighs in at 600grams. Despite this small size it can deliver a continuous force of 60N. It’s magnetplates have a width of 50mm. The complete assembly of coil and magnettrack has a height of 40mm. Thanks to this compact build the TM3 is succesfull in for example the industrial paper cutting industrie. Here it automated the repositioning of paper cutting blades, greatly improving setup times between two different production runs.

The ironless UC3 linear motor, with it’s coil length of only 34mm, is not only small in build size. It is also feather-light with it’s 31 gramms. The total installation dimensions add up to 14,8mm in height and 51mm in width. Making it’s suitability for compact construction obvious. The ironless design of the coil bring another feature that iron core motors do not have; cogging free motion. A feature that is favorable for applications that require good constant velocity performance. The UC3 for example finds it way in to medical pipettingmachines.

TM3 en UC3




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