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The TL48 - best suited for long strokes

Perfect for printing and cutting

 TL48Q iron core motor

The TL48Q is perfect for printing and cutting solutions

With a iron core coil unit especially suited for applications with high force demand and long strokes, the TL48 is perfect for printing and cutting solutions. The high force generation reduces the distance needed to reach its final speed which in turn saves space in your application.

The integrated cooling channels allow for an easy setup of a liquid-cooled systems. It  increases performance even more. As with all our coil units, this one has a very low cogging value and is therefore perfect for printing and cutting applications.

Advantages of the TL 48

  • High force density - more force in small packing.
  • Low cogging - smooth motion and position.
  • Aluminum housed design.
  • Designed with integrated water cooling channels.
  • Low thermal resistance - provides good heat transfer.
  • Approved for CSA, CE, and RoHS.

You can read more information about the entire TL series here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, our support team is available to help you. Call us on +31 546 536 475 or mail to

Datasheets and drawings of our new TL motor can be found in the downloads area.

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