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We direct drive innovation in Delta Robots

Customer success story

The new generation delta robots have one thing in common. Their design replaces the familiar servo motors with gearbox for direct drive torque motors. Together with Tecnotion, Brom mechatronics designed and build the first delta robot production line to place bulb flowers into pots. The build-in frameless torque motors play an important role to increase productivity and reduce costs.

From the initial drawing up to production, Brom mechatronics and Tecnotion have co-oprated to select the best fit motor. Four torque motors from Tecnotion are used in the 3 arms and in the tool center point of each delta robot . With the QTR motor in the toolcenter the product can be rotated in a compact matter. The QTL motors and housing with connection to the robot are built as one.

The torque motors play an important role in increasing productivity and reducing costs, resulting in a better ROI for the customer. Watch the full story of how Brom used Tecnotion torque motors for the automation line to plant bulb flowers in pots. 

With these kind of applications, where precision and continuity are the main drivers, direct drive torque motors offer many advantages over other techniques. The most important off all is that torque motors do not need any mechanical transmission, like an expensive gearbox, and can be mounted directly on the arms of the robot. This results in higher precision, stiff tuning, high acceleration and less maintenance. Also, the size of the robots could be reduced because of the small build-in space of the motors.

Check the whole direct drive torque motor series here, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, our support team will help you along the way, please call us +31 546 536 475 or mail to

Datasheets and drawings of our Torque motors can be found in the downloads area.

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