Advanced motors

Custom linear, torque and direct drive solutions


Advanced Motors

Tecnotion has the ability to make fully customized advanced linear motors. These motors are usually used in very specific high end markets like lithography, wafer inspection, display manufacturing, scientific applications and aerospace.

The challenge in these applications is the unmatched performance the motor needs.  These motors are completely designed according the specific application.  This requires very close development and engineering cooperation with the customer, and a lot of application knowledge.

This high level of linear motor technology is unique in the world.

Examples of these motors properties and requirements:

  • Vacuum rated
  • integrated cooling
  • optimized  thermal conduction
  • extreme high force densities
  • special winding technologies
  • reduced force ripple
  • high temperatures

Advanced linear motor key competences are:

  • Cleanroom manufacturing environment with 3D dispension robot, fully automated potting machines and all automated and logged quality equipment like 3D measuring, electrical checks
  • Patented coil technology for higher filling factors and increase of efficiency
  • Dedicated teams covering technology, quality and logistics. Specialized R&D team for new progressive designs and processes
  • Production with volume flexibility

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