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QTL torque motor series 210-230-290-310-385-485

Our largest frameless motors

The QTL motor series are our largest torque motors up to date, yet very compact and thus a high torque density. The QTL is frameless and therefore it can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. The series are suitable for a variety of markets. The QTL-A motor series comes in four diameters (210-230-290-310 mm) and three heights (65-85-105 mm). They are available with (QTL 230 and 310) or without cooling (QTL 210 and 290).

 QTL-A-210 torque motor series


Ultimate 173 - 346 Nm
Continuous 65 - 142Nm

The QTL-A 210 series provides more torque than the smaller QTR series. The QTL-A 210 is the smallest of the QTL range and is available in three heights, 65, 85 and 105 mm. It has a large inner diameter suitable to route multiple cables through, allowing flexibility in the application. It therefore suits a wide variety of markets including rotary indexing tables, printing machinery and materials handling.

The build heights of the QTL-A 210 are:  210-65 // 210-85 // 210-105 

QTL-A-230 torque motor series with cooling ring


Ultimate 173 - 346Nm
Continuous 67 - 147Nm

The QTL-A 230 has the same electro-magnetic design as the QTL-A 210 but with the addition of enhanced thermal management for water cooling. The cooling channels allow it to run at a high continuous torque even in combination with high duty cycles and dynamic movement profiles. The cooling ring provides bolting holes for easy installation. 

 The build heights of the QTL-A 230 are: 230-65 // 230-85 // 230-105

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QTL-A-290 frameless motor series cut out


Ultimate 389 - 778Nm
Continuous 140 - 305Nm

The QTL-A 290 expands on the QTL-A 210 design to meet even higher torque demands. In combination with low induction values and fast response time this series allows for highly dynamic movements. It makes the series ideal for usage in packaging and laser cutting machinery.

 The build heights of the QTL-A 290 are:  290-65 // 290-85 // 290-105 

QTL-A-310 torque motor series cooling ring rotor and stator


Ultimate 389 - 778Nm
Continuous 151 - 331Nm

The QTL-A 310 series is based on the QTL-A 290 with the addition of cooling channels. The motor is a reliable heavy duty workhorse. Because of  the integrated cooling channels the motor reaches a very high continuous torque without losing precision. Even with the addition of active cooling the motor is very compact and has a high torque density. It is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue. The cooling ring provides bolting holes for easy installation.

The build heights of the QTL-A 310 are:  310-65 // 310-85 // 310-105 

 QTL-A-485 torque motor series cooling ring rotor and stator

QTL-A 385 and 485 SERIES

Ultimate QTL-A 385  1026 - 1368Nm // Ultimate QTL-A 485  1651 - 2202Nm
Continuous QTL-A 385  407 - 560Nm // Continuous QTL-A 485  659 - 907Nm

The QTL-385 and QTL485 torque motors supersede the QTL-210 -310 series as the biggest torque motors that Tecnotion has to offer. It has the same efficient and space-saving electromagnetic design scaled up for even higher torque demands. With a big inner diameter, it is very suitable to integrate into an (existing) application in a wide variety of markets like rotary indexing tables, printing machinery, and materials handling.

The build heights of the QTL-A 385 and 485 are:  385-85 // 385-105 // 485-85 // 485-105


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