QTR torque motor series 65&78

Small torque motors

tecnotion torque motor 65-78 features

QTR-A 65 and 78 series

The QTR 65 and 78 are the smallest motors from our Torque range. Compact sizing and low voltage support makes them ideal for robotics applications and semiconductor machinery. To provide maximum flexibility and integration the QTR 65 and QTR 78 use flying leads instead of a power cable. Go to all advantages and features, or to our FAQ for an explanation of torque motors.


Tecnotion QTR-A-65-34 torque motorQTR-A-65 SERIES

Ultimate 0.64 - 5.47Nm
Continuous 0.29 - 2.31Nm

The QTR-A-65 is the smallest torque motor in the Tecnotion QTR range. This motor is optimized for small and low voltage applications. The 65 Series is available in four motor ‘heights’ or ‘sizes’, a 17, 25, 34 and 60 size motor.

Compact sizing and low voltage support make the 65 mm QTR motor ideal for robotics applications.

The build heights are: QTR-A-65-17 // QTR-A-65-25 // QTR-A-65-34 // QTR-A-65-60


Tecnotion QTR-A-78-17 torque motor


Ultimate 1.22 - 10.85Nm
Continuous 0.57 - 4.41Nm

The QTR-A 78 is the second size available in the Tecnotion QTR range. As with the 65 Series motor, the 78 series motor is optimized for low voltage applications with a small build-space available. The largest QTR-A-78-60 motor offers a peak torque of 7.5Nm.

Small build-space and a large 29 mm inner diameter make the QTR-78 motor a favorite in semiconductor machinery.

The build heights are: QTR-A-78-17 // QTR-A-78-25 // QTR-A-78-34 // QTR-A-78-60

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