Whitepaper - Thermal optimization

For Tecnotions vacuum ironless motor (PDF)


In this white paper you will read about:

  • Thermal optimization for vacuum ironless motors.
  • Thermal conduction in motors
  •  Thermal measurements of coils
  • The thermal FEM model
  • Measurements of thermal transport through both coils and entire linear motors.

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In-vacuum linear motor applications are often limited by the thermal (cooling) capacity. This makes optimization of the thermal resistance even more critical than in “atmospheric” applications. With the help of a FEM model, a prototype is discussed with a 50% reduction in thermal resistance. 


There are many industrial applications that require linear motion. Some of these require high accuracy (down to nanometers), with high acceleration and travel speed. Examples of such applications are pick-and-place and various applications in the semiconductor, solar panel, and display manufacture industries. These motion requirements are suitably addressed by Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (LPMSM). The applications with the highest travel speeds and the lowest force ripple require the so-called ironless or air core motors, which rely on the Lorentz force of a conductor carrying electric current in a magnetic field. 

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