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Showcasing the technology of Tecnotion's direct drive motors.

Comparison of linear motion systems

It is critical to understand functionality and intelligence of drive systems in linear motion. Watch this video to find out the differences between different drive systems, their pros and cons so as to choose the perfect one for your application.


We direct drive innovation in delta robot - customer success story

The new generation of delta robots have one thing in common. Direct drive torque motors replace the well-known servo motors with gearbox. Brom Mechatronics worked together with Tecnotion on their newest innovative design. They used Tecnotion torque motors for the automation line to plant bulb flowers in pots.


Simulation tool - Complete tutorial to select the right motor in our simulation tool

Finding the best motor is paramount to your application but it can be a daunting task. In this tutorial, we will show you how to do proper motor sizing, based on your application, with Tecnotion’s simulation tool, and which parameters influence the sizing. 


Simulation tool - introduction to the online motor selector

This introduction video shows you how our online motor selector allows you to simulate your drive task. Experiment with different scenarios and quickly find the best motor for your application. Change movement profiles and application parameters to calculate results on the fly.


Direct drive in motion

We direct drive your motion technology. This video gives you an insight of the possibilities of direct drive motors. They are seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications such as semiconductors, machine tooling, robotics, display applications, and the printing industry.

Tecnotion QTL-A torque motor housing installation - in 10 steps

This video shows a housing installation method of a torque motor, in 10 steps. It describes one way to mount a Tecnotion QTL motor with cooling ring.


What is a Torque motor?

Torque motors suit a wide variety of markets like robotics, semiconductor, medical and machine tooling. But what is a Torque motor? In this video we explain the characteristics and the advantages of torque motors.

How does a linear motor work?

Used in many industrial and (high-tech) fabrication applications, linear motors are an invaluable part for the fastest and most efficient processes. But how do linear motors work? In this video we explain the basic electrical principle used in linear motors.

Linear motor vs Belt drive 

What are the advantages of a linear synchronous motor? Used in transportation, scanning and printing linear motors can greatly increase throughput and process efficiency. This video shows a couple of movement profiles when comparing a linear motor to a belt drive.


Ironless motor stage with multiple carriers 

No cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track. This is what gives ironless motors their light weight, superior precision, a linear force constant and extremely dynamic velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Continuous force ranges from 10N all the way up to 846N with peak force of up to 4200N.


Closed loop with moving coilunits 

Closed magnet track with moving coil units.


What is a linear motor?

Answer: If you were to slice a rotary servo motor and lay it flat, you would have, essentially, a linear… Read more

What are the benefits of a linear motor?

Answer: Linear motors are also referred to as direct drive units, since the load is directly coupled… Read more