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Recording of the Webinar motor sizing

Motor sizing and selection to fit your application

The webinar was presented on May 6, 2021

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More information about the presented webinar:

Finding the best motor is paramount to your application but it can be a daunting task. This webinar will show you how correct motor sizing can enhance your development process by single out the most suitable motor for your need. Also, it will demonstrate the basics of how to do proper motor sizing, based on your application, with Tecnotion’s simulation tool and which parameters influence the sizing.

The simulation tool can make very accurate calculations on the fly, which results in a variety of parameters. These parameters enable you to make smart decisions in the sizing procedure. The simulation tool allows a fast iterative approach in selecting the perfect motor.

Why is motor sizing important:

  • Save energy
  • Save space
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase throughput


Language:              English
Duration:                45 minutes

About the presenter:               

Mike Rolink

Mike Rolink started working for Tecnotion in 2017 as technical sales & application engineer. In his job, he supports customers with their application-related questions and their motor sizing. He is also responsible for the Tecnotion online simulation tool. Mike graduated from the University of Twente in applied physics with expertise in fluid physics.


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