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Customized Motors

In case our standard motor series are not sufficient for your application, it is also possible to have these motors customized in a variety of ways. This can range from simple modifications, like a different connector, to fully custom motors designed from scratch. Thanks to our in-house R&D department, the possibilities are virtually endless. Below you will find examples of the different levels of customization we can provide.

Closed track

Closed track with curved magnet plates

While machines are often designed with strictly linear motions in mind closed tracks are interesting for many applications.

With the new curved magnet plate design from Tecnotion many more versatile track configurations are possible.

curved magnet plateThe curved magnet plates have a smart design that compensates for force losses in the curves due to commutation error, which occur due to straight coils on curved tracks. Standard motors can be used which have a low attraction force in respect to their continuous force exerting low wear on the bearings. They also have low cogging which gives in combination with a cogging compensation algorithm for the curved sections gives a very smooth motion. 

Tecnotion is able to deliver up to 2000N of continuous force depending on diameter. Which makes the curved sections interesting for many packaging, transportation and other applications.



The UMX and ULX: ­­POWERFULL ironless linear motors

Custom yokes which can be used with  standard coilunits. 
The ULX custom yoke can be used with the standard UL coils. With an width increase of just 13.6mm (42mm instead of 28.4mm) a force increase of 30% is realised. (top picture)

The UMX custom yoke can be used with the standard UM coils. With an width increase of just 22mm (43mm instead of 21mm) a force increase of 10% is realised. (below)


ULX ironless yoke UMX ironless yoke

This is an easy upgrade option when there is slightly more power needed!

Low voltage

Low voltage motors are a cost efficient alternative for high voltage motors  in applications where low voltage is required because of operator or customer safety. Due to less restrictive design-standards, the use of low voltage drives can save on design, assembly and commissioning costs. Possible applications are, for example, in medical equipment, robotics, laser engraving machines or in the field of packaging.

Iron core linear motor with low voltage Z winding

Tecnotion’s TM3z and TM6z have been customized for use at 48Vac but can be used up to 400Vac. These motors have a special winding to allow traverse speeds of up to 5 m/s at 48Vac, depending on bus voltage. They have the same characteristics as their high voltage siblings:

TM6 with special Z winding

  • A continuous force of 60N to 120N
  • Peak force of 105N to 210N
  • Low attraction force between the coil unit and magnet plate
  • and a very small footprint for applications with little space available.

Download the info here: TM3Z / TM6Z - with special Z winding

Ironless linear motors (UC and UF series)uc low voltage
UC and UF series ironless linear motors operate standard at 60Vdc. A total of four motors are available in the UC and UF series. The motors cover continuous forces from 10N to 39N and peak forces between 36N and 85N. Installation dimensions are very small with a 51mm and 53mm width and a maximum of 16mm in height (horizontal mounting). A major advantage of the ironless motors compared to their iron core counterparts, is the absence of cogging, resulting in pinpoint accuracy.

Download the info here: UC / UF 


Vacuum rated

iron core plateVacuum rated iron core magnet plates

A growing amount of high tech applications require vacuum solutions to minimize the risk of unwanted chemical reactions or pollution of the process or surrounding equipment. Motion is one of the main challenges within a vacuum environment. Serviceability, reliability, versatility and outgassing are critical factors in vacuum applications.

Linear vacuum rated motors have no moving parts and are frictionless making the motors maintenance free. Additionally Tecnotion’s linear motors can be placed into vacuum as a whole and therefore do not require a feed trough saving costs.

Tecnotion´s vacuum rated ironless linear motor is a dedicated and specifically designed coil unit and magnet yoke for use in high vacuum, down to 10-8 mBar, and the lowest achievable outgassing for a series product.

Tecnotion currently offers three types of vacuum linear motors

  1. Vacuum rated Ironless linear motors for very high and low vacuum requirements.

  2. Linear Motor Transport system using iron core or ironless motors.

  3. Customized linear actuator designed to customer requirements and, if required, the highest specifications available on the market.

Moving Magnet

The MM-Series is a range of inverted linear motors utilizing a fixed coil track and magnetic movers. The MM-Series breaks a long standing barrier of linear motion by allowing the movers to follow a curved track. The movers can be controlled individually or in groups and can move completely independent of each other.

The design is completely modular, with components that can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of your application. With no parts touching each other and fixed cabling, the system is also completely maintenance free.

It’s reliable, cost-effective, flexible and accurate. Its application possibilities are virtually endless. The first linear motor that can move along a curved track.
• Fixed coil track and magnetic moves, which can be controlled individually and independent of each other..
• Modular design which can be adapted to fit any application.
• Suited for both open and closed tracks.
• Freedom of control: connect it exactly to your needs.
• Available in three sizes
• Peak forces of up to 480N.
• Continuous forces of up to 230N.
• Completely maintenance free: no wear and tear.
• Compact design: reduce the footprint of your applications

Moving Magnet MM-BMM-B SERIES

Peak Force 230N .. 480N
Continuous Force 120N .. 240N
Maximum Speed Vmax m/s: 0.85/3.5 .. 0.85/2
Motor Force Constant K N/Arms: 36 .. 72

MM-L SERIESMoving Magnet MM-L

Peak Force 120N .. 240N
Continuous Force 60N .. 120N
Maximum Speed Vmax m/s: 3.5/6.5 .. 2/4
Motor Force Constant K N/Arms: 18 .. 36

MM-M SERIESMoving Magnet MM-M

Peak Force 60N .. 120N
Continuous Force 30N .. 60N
Maximum Speed Vmax m/s: 7/12 .. 4/7.5
Motor Force Constant K N/Arms: 9.5 .. 18

What are the different possibilities of customizing?

Modified catalogue motors
• Different cable output or connectors
• Special coil winding types, for instance to attain higher speeds or operate at low voltage or to match linear amplifiers.
• Magnet tracks with different dimensions or curved tracks

Vacuum motors
• Optimized outgassing to prevent contamination
• Lowered stray fields in e-beam or ion beam applications
• Vacuum rated Iron Core motors and magnet plates
• Motors with high cleanliness and clean room packaging

Fully custom motors
• Motors designed from scratch to meet the application needs

Customized downloads

Download TECNOTION Customized catalogue, leaflets, manual and CAD files below

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