Iron core motors

For high force applications


Iron core motors

Designed and constructed with an iron core, these linear motors offer extremely high continuous force for their size, starting at 60N for the small TM, all the way up to 3000N for the water cooled TBW powerhouse. Peak forces are even higher, reaching up to 6000N.

All this raw power comes in a surprisingly compact package. Its small footprint, modular design and high force density enable very flexible application designs. The ability to string multiple motors together, either in series or parallel, widens its range of applications even further.

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TBW Series

Ultimate 1800..4500N
Continuous 760..1900N

The TBW series is the water cooled variant of the TB series. It features a fully integrated, highly efficient cooling systems which enables the TBW to reach even higher continuous forces than the standard version and sustain extreme accelerations while maintaining its submicron position accuracy. Since heat is not dissipated into the machine’s  construction, it is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue.

Coil Units: TBW18 - TBW30 - TBW45
Magnet Plates: TB192 - TB288


Tecnotion iron core productrange tbw series

TB Series

Ultimate 1800..4500N
Continuous 760..1900N

The high-end TB motors are heavy duty workhorses that combine high acceleration and speed, submicron positioning accuracy and low power consumption with a superb force density. They excel in applications where high loads and long duty cycles are the order of the day. When you require a motor that take your application to new levels, the TB more than delivers.

Coil Units: TB12 - TB15 - TB30 
Magnet Plates: TB192 - TB288


Tecnotion iron core productrange tb series

TL Series

Ultimate 450..3600N
Continuous 200..1600N

The mid-range TL is our most popular iron core motor. It features an extremely low attraction force between the coils and the magnets and stands out for its small size, high acceleration, high speed, and accuracy. The TL is also available in long versions, which makes this all-rounder suited for nearly any application, including those with long travel lengths, like printers for large digital formats.

Coil Units: TL6 - TL9 - TL12 - TL18 - TL24 - TL48
Magnet Plates: TL192 - TL288


 Tecnotion iron core productrange tl series

TM Series

Ultimate 120..720N
Continuous 60..360N

For applications that do not require high forces, it is often more effective to use a smaller and less costly motor. Over the years, the TM series has proven to be a very versatile, reliable and efficient motor for a wide range of applications. To enhance its effectiveness, the TM linear motor is equipped with a long flexible servo cable which makes the use of additional connectors superfluous and reduces total cost of ownership even further. 

Coil Units: TM3 - TM6 - TM12 - TM18
Magnet Plates: TM96 - TM144 - TM384


 Tecnotion iron core productrange tm series


Analog Hall Module

Analog Hall sensor or module for positioning magnet trackLinear motors can be positioned extremely accurately by using optical encoders and rulers. If this is not required this expensive setup can be replaced by an Analog Hall module. This module uses the magnet track, as opposed to the ruler, as the linear scale. It can be easily mounted on our iron core motors and communicates with practically all standard servo controllers. The Analog Hall module requires a standard 5Vdc power supply. 

Digital Hall Module

Digital Hall module for commutation of Tecnotion linear motorsFor commutation, we have an optional digital Hall module that can be used with our entire range of linear motors. Its sensors provide 3 digital outputs, each phase shifted 120 degrees, to determine the electrical angle between coils and magnets. If you do not use a controller that allows you to commutate within the servo drive, this module can be a cost-effective alternative. The digital Hall module requires a 4.5 to 28Vdc power supply.


Iron core downloads

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