TL Series

All-rounder suited for nearly any application


TL Series

FU 450..3600N  FC 200..1600N

The mid-range TL is our most popular iron core motor series. The motors feature an extremely low attraction force between the coils and the magnets and stand out for their small size, high acceleration, high speed, and accuracy. The TL is also available in long versions, the longest coil unit being the TL48 with a length of 855 mm.

It makes this all-rounder suited for nearly any application, including those with long travel lengths, like printers for large digital formats. The ability to string multiple motors together, either in series or parallel, widens its range of applications even further. 

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Coil Units: TL6 - TL9 - TL12 - TL18 - TL24 - TL48
Magnet Plates: TL192 - TL288

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TL Series downloads

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