Ironless motors

No attraction force or cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track


Ironless Motors

In contrast to iron core motors, these motors feature an ironless coil unit, so there is no attraction force or cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track. This is what gives ironless motors their light weight, superior precision, a linear force constant and extremely dynamic velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Continuous force ranges from 10N all the way up to 846N with peak force of up to 4200N.

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UXX Series

Peak 700..4200N
Continious 141..846N

The UXX is the most powerful standard ironless motor Tecnotion has to offer. With no cogging and zero attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets, it is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications that demand ultra-precision and maximum force output, for example flat panel and semiconductor industries.

Coil Units: UXX3 - UXX6 - UXX9 - UXX12 - UXX18
Magnet Plates: UXX114 - UXX171 - UXX456

Ironless motor overview

UXA Series

Peak 615..3690N
Continious 120..720N

The UXA is the economical alternative to the UXX. It’s slightly less powerful but makes up for this with a smaller footprint and an attractive price tag. It still features the same ultra-precision and this makes the UXA ideal for heavy duty applications where the UXX would be a bit too much.

Coil Units: UXA3 - UXA6 - UXA9 - UXA12 - UXA18
Magnet Plates: UXA114 - UXA171 - UXA456

Ironless motor overview

UL Series

Peak 240..960N
Continious 70..280N

The high-end UL ironless motors are available in various configurations that can easily be adapted to application specific requirements. Because of their high speed, positioning accuracy and zero cogging and attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets, many UL motors are successfully applied throughout the semiconductor industry.

Coil Units: UL3 - UL6 - UL9 - UL12 - UL15
Magnet Plates: UL126 - UL168 - UL210 - UL546

Ironless motor overview

UM Series

Peak 100..400N
Continious 29..116N

The mid-range UM ironless motors stand out for their extremely high speed and exceptional thermal characteristics which are the results of our unique production techniques. Being an ironless design the motor exhibits no cogging and has zero attraction force between the coil unit and the magnets. This makes the compact UM motors especially suited for applications in which highly accurate measuring is required

Coil Units: UM3 - UM6 - UM9 - UM12
Magnet Plates: UM90 - UM120 - UM150 - UM390

Ironless motor overview

UF Series

Peak 42.5...85N 
Continious 19.5..39N

The UF series is built specifically to sustain very high continuous forces for its footprint, which is only marginally larger than that of the UC. It is exceptionally suited for applications with high duty cycles, for instance in the medical and semiconductor markets of for pick &place systems.

Coil Units: UF3 - UF6 
Magnet Plates: UF72 - UF120

Ironless motor overview

UC Series

Peak 36..72N
Continious 10..20N

The UC is our smallest “off the shelf” motor. Weighing in at just a few grams, this versatile, compact and affordable motor is still able to sustain a continuous force of 10 or 20N.
Due to its low weight it is also suited to operate in a vertical application environment. Like all ironless motors it exhibits no cogging and has zero attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets.

Coil Units: UC3 - UC6 
Magnet Plates: UC96 - UC99 - UC264

Ironless motor overview


The benefits of ironless linear motors are optimal for applications that require small masses to be moved with maximum precision at a high cycle speed, especially in areas like:

  • Semiconductor
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Inspection stages
  • Ultra precision stages
  • Medical / life science / lab automation
  • Optics


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