Torque motors


Torque Motors

Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

Our torque motors are:

  • Extremely compact,
  • Provide an extremely stiff drive train
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures 
  • Are virtually maintenance free
  • Can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough.

QTR-A-160 Series

Tp 6.2..58.3Nm Tc 4.1..36.3Nm

The 160 series is the largest in diameter of the torque range. The smallest of the series QTR-A160-17 starts with a continuous torque of 4.1Nm. The range ends with the large QTR-A-160-60 with a continuous torque of 36.3Nm and a peak of 58.3Nm.

The types are:

  • QTR-A-160-17
  • QTR-A-160-25
  • QTR-A-160-34
  • QTR-A-160-60

Torque motor overview

QTR-A-133 Series

Tp 3.7..59Nm Tc 2.7..29Nm

The QTR-A 133 is the medium range of the QTR motors. It covers the torque range from 2.6 to 21.9Nm. The largest 60mm high QTR-A-133-60 motor offers a peak torque of over 35.3Nm.

The types are:

  • QTR-A-133-17
  • QTR-A-133-25
  • QTR-A-133-34
  • QTR-A-133-60

Torque motor overview

QTR-A-105 Series

Tp 1.9..18Nm Tc 1.7..12Nm

The QTR-A 105 is the smallest torque motor with a 105mm outer and 56mm inner diameter. This series offers a continuous torque range from 1.4 up to 12Nm spread over its 4 types. The largest motor in the series can attain a peak torque of 18Nm with a total motor mass of under 2000 gram.

The types are:

  • QTR-A-105-17
  • QTR-A-105-25
  • QTR-A-105-34
  • QTR-A-105-60

Torque 105 series

To top things off the entire series comes with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.

With continuous torque ratings ranging from 0.7 Nm to 40 Nm, these motors can play a pivotal role in increasing the availability and cost-effectiveness of many different applications in industries like:

  • Semiconductor
  • Printing
  • Robotics
  • Machine tooling


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