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Torque motor advantages

Torque motor performance advantages

A brushless torque motor is direct driven. This technology enhances productivity, accuracy, and dynamic performance of applications. Direct drive lowers costs, makes designs slimmer, and reduces wear and tear. Torque motors eliminate the need for mechanical transmissions like gearboxes, belts and speed reducers. There is no contact between rotor and stator, this means no mechanical wear of the motor itself.

In the video below are the main advantages and characteristics of Tecnotion's torque motors explained.

Go to our productspage to view our Torque series: QTR-A-65 // QTR-A-78 // QTR-A-105 // QTR-A-133 // QTR-A-160 // QTL-A 210, 230, 290 and 310.

The main benefits of Torque motors:

Direct drive, zero backlash


Higher stiffness no backlash.  



feature ultra thin design


The lower build height allows to build flatter axis, resulting in less tipping and settling time. Extraordinary flexibility in designing the motor in to small spaces.   

Torque motor with highest  torque density


Tecnotion torque motors have the highest torque density in the market. More torque in a smaller packing means lowering footprint. 


Torque low voltage



Optimized for low voltage applications.  


Torque motor advantage: large inner diameter


Allows easy integration of a large number of cables and hoses or allows large shaft fittings.


Torque motor advantage: low thermal resistance


Allowing good heat transfer, achieving an extremely high continuous torque when using a descent size heatsink or active cooling.   


Torque motor advantage: low cogging


Low cogging value, low total harmonic distortion THD. For smooth motion and position accuracy in your application.   


Torque motor advantage: low stator mass


Lower masses increase the dynamics and response of the system by lowering the inertia. It hands the opportunity to improve entire stage designs! And as a result, lowering an applications cost of ownership.


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The QTR torque motor series are used in a wide variety of applications like manufacturing, assembly and inspection machines. 

Go to our productspage to view our Torque series: QTR-A-65 // QTR-A-78 // QTR-A-105 // QTR-A-133 // QTR-A-160 // QTL-A 210, 230, 290 and 310.

Torque motor advantages downloads

Download TECNOTION Torque motor advantages catalogue, leaflets, manual and CAD files below


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